Monday, 16 February 2009

On the Road Again (II) – Willie Nelson (1980)

This week, we show up at the Royal Garden Hotel in the Kensington District of London for the 11th International Petrochemicals Technology Conference & Exhibition, IPTC (16 & 17 February) and 10th International Downstream Technology & Catalyst Conference & Exhibition IDTC (18 & 19 February).

We are represented by the dynamic duo of Miss Joanna Schofield and Mr. Oliver Wells, both out of our Oxford Office. If you are in the vicinity, do stop by at our booth and meet two of the most delightful individuals you'll ever come across in the industry; and do try your luck at our Energy Education Wheel of Fortune.

Who says energy and commodities training can't be fun?

Oliver Wells
Principal Sales Executive


Joanna Schofield
Principal Sales Executive

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