Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Keep Your Eye on the Money - Motley Crue (1985)

Today's focus is on web-based training as a cost-efficient solution to keep training going in lean times.

These self-paced modules, which on average last two hours, are perfect for new hires who are entering an industry, support functions that require a basic understanding of the business, and even executives who need to brush up on the basics (don't we all need to do so from time to time?).

They are updated periodically to reflect the market. They also offer interactivity including quizzes and a final exam to ensure mastery of material. We rely on real subject matter experts to provide the content and a dedicated in-house team to create an effective course experience.

The Oxford Princeton Programme pioneered this method of instruction within the energy, commodities, and derivatives sectors and continues to build its library including courses that take their cue from today's energy headlines (e.g., European Gas: Security of Supply - Understanding the Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict) as well as in various languages to meet diverse, global needs.

Check out our titles and let us know what else you would like offered in the future.

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