Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Win Some Lose Some - Bryan Adams (1980)

A most unusual televised bidding war over who will develop Iraq's oil reserves starts this week in Baghdad. No fewer than 30 of the world's most notable players are involved in what has been likened to the Eurovision Song Contest.

As each reserve location is put on the block, bids will be torn open from their envelopes and the winner will be, well, transparent. Just when you thought reality TV ideas were, er, tapping out.

Read on from this article in arabianoilandgas.com.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Force Ten - Rush (1987)

Quick, name the top 10 oil producers and exporters in June 2009? If you are unsure, then take a look at the latest report from the The US Energy Information Administration courtesy of Port Engineering News and Iran Daily.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

(Is This The Way To) The World Cup - Tony Christie (2006)

The following is courtesy of two of our in-company sports fanatics: Andrew Infante, our Global Marketing Coordinator out of Princeton, and Oliver Wells, Principal Sales Executive based in Oxford:

With the World Cup coming to South Africa in 2010 the home town team brought in a new coach to help lead them to success. Bafana Bafana hope that Joel Santana’s game planning abilities and new tactics will make the hosting country of World Cup 2010; the champions of World Cup 2010.

Similarly, The Oxford Princeton Programme will bring energy courses with great career planning abilities and new tactics to South Africa in 2009. We cannot guarantee South Africa success on the pitch in 2010. However, we can guarantee success in the energy industry in 2009 and beyond by seeing our special Cape Town recommendations of the week.

Fundamentals of Energy Futures
17 August 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=259&PLP=FOEF%5CARSA09

Options I - Fundamentals of Energy Options
18 August 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=260&PLP=FOEO%5CARSA09

Energy Risk Management
19 - 20 August 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=261&PLP=ERM%5CARSA09

Front to Back Office: Trading Controls and Best Practices
21 August 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=264&PLP=FTBO%5CARSA09

Oil Trading Orientation
24 - 26 August 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=338&PLP=OTO%5CARSA09

Retail Marketing - Maximising Outlets and Networks
14 - 16 September 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=294&PLP=RM0%5CARSA09

Network Planning and Asset Management for Professional Retailers
17 - 18 September 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=359&PLP=RMNP%5CARSA09

Overview of Physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations
2 - 3 November 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=266&PLP=CT%5CARSA09

Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining - A Non-Technical Introduction
4 - 5 November 2009
Cape Town

Visit: http://www.oxfordprinceton.com/search/coursedetails.asp?ID=265&PLP=FPR%5CARSA09

"Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence.” – Sloan Wilson

Monday, 22 June 2009

It's a Gas - David Frye (1969)

Andrew Infante, our Global Marketing Coordinator, just returned from the LDC Gas Forum in Boston:

This conference brings together the North American natural gas industry’s key players for three days of forecasting and analysis. There were several great speakers and presentations but one statement truly resonated with me.

Les Deman of Shell Energy North America made the point that the first half of the 20th century was the era of coal, the second half of the 20th century was the era of oil and now the first half of 21st century will the be era of natural gas.

This statement might be taken with a grain of salt because it is coming from an expert whose interest is clearly invested in natural gas. However, Mr. Deman’s forecast may be accurate so I encourage you to consider our forthcoming courses to ensure you are prepared.

Overview of North American Natural Gas

17 September 2009 – Chicago, IL (in conjunction with LDC Chicago)

10 November 2009 – Houston, TX

18 November 2009 – Calgary, AB

North American Natural Gas Transportation and Storage

18 September 2009 – Chicago, IL (in conjunction with LDC Chicago)

15 October 2009 – Savannah, GA

11 November 2009 – Houston, TX

19 November 2009 – Calgary, AB

Monday, 15 June 2009

Poor Cow - Elton John (1988)

The Cap and Trade debate has taken a, well, dietrary turn as Stonyfield Farm, the yogurt maker, and others are changing their Vermont cows' diet to plants like alfalfa and flasxeed to reduce methane emissions which have been linked to climate change. The programme has seen success already in France and farmers are hoping for the same States-side.

Read this article from The New York Times and find out how Elsie and her bovine buddies are keeping the gas burps and yes, flatulence to a minimum so to speak.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Thinking of June - Slaughter (1996)

Hello from our Oxford Office which manages Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

The month of May flew by. Now that GASTECH in Abu Dhabi is behind us and I have been able to recruit a new Account Executive who will start next week, I can return to my normal routine of posting on here more frequently.

June is a month of energy training possibilities. We've added more sessions to our most popular instructor-led courses in locations like Accra, Cairo and Dubai, as well as brand new courses altogether (both live workshops and web-based training titles).

Details can be found in our monthly e-newsletter which is going out this week. If you are not yet sucbsciribing to these, please do so on our homepage.

What opportunities await you this month?