Monday, 23 February 2009

Low Budget - Kinks (1979)





These are some of the descriptors preceding the word "budget" for many in this recession.

But if you accept the truth that training remains one of the best investments to be had during a downturn as one is certain to come out the other end with a competitive advantage, then you will want to know which offerings here at The Oxford Princeton Programme fit the bill.

Today's focus is on our onsites or in-house training. As convenient as they are with our expert instructors traveling to your facility, they need not be expensive ventures. We offer many "off the shelf" courses, meaning any of our public instructor-led titles you might be familair with from our global schedule can be brought over without any customization.

There is a misconception that just because you contract to have training come to you, it has to be sliced and diced to fit what is unique to your business situation. Of course, this is what we excel at, but often, we are able to save our clients money by recommending solutions that are already pre-packaged and can get the job done just as effectively.

Some clients will look to bring team members from disparate plants or offices across the country or around the world to meet at say, headquarters, and use part of the time to educate folks who normally would otherwise not be able to do so. Perhaps you've been wanting to offer training to clients or stakeholders?

Allow us to show you The Oxford Princeton Programme In-House Advantage today.

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