Saturday, 14 February 2009

From Russia With Love - John Barry Orchestra (1964)

Or maybe not, on this St. Valentine's Day.

I am, however, energized over our latest web-based course, European Gas: Security of Supply (Understanding the Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict), which becomes available on March 1st.

It was just last month that curtailed supplies flowed into Europe, leaving millions without heat in the dead of winter. Whilst the two countries managed to come to an agreement to get gas flowing once more, their dispute is a long-running one that has been brewing ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union. We are unlikely to see the last of it.

This left us wondering whether Europe and the rest of the world are truly prepared for when this dispute makes headlines in the future. It turned into an opportunity to provide education and training to professionals in and out of the gas industry. And we are bringing it to market in record time no less.

The course will discuss:
  • How and why Europe has come to rely on imported gas, and on Russian gas in particular
  • How Russian gas gets to Europe, and how this may change with new pipeline and LNG infrastructure projects
  • How gas is priced, and how the prices that Russia and Ukraine have been disputing compare to other international prices
  • How the dispute between Russia and Ukraine arose, and how it might eventually be resolved

I do hope many of you will take advantage of this cost-effective ($175) opportunity to stay on top of this geopolitical energy situation.

Are there any other timely topics out there that you would like to see more in-depth discussion and analysis on?

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