Monday, 31 August 2009

See You in September - Tempos (1959)

These waning days of summer are giving way to those of autumn in September when it is traditional for many young professionals to enter the workforce as full-timers. The energy sector is no exception as it, even in a recession, fills its ranks with new blood that streams up to become tomorrow's leadership and labor force.

Just as school years in many parts of the world get underway, it is only fitting that managers and business heads be reminded of the critical role corporate training plays in the orientation of new hires and in ensuring they have the commercial fundmentals under their belt early on.

Both editions of our September e-newsletter (The Oxford Princeton Pipeline), which come out this and next week, open with messages from two of our junior executives who discuss this very matter from their own perspetives.

We know you know the value of new hire training and are here ready to support you in your own programs.

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