Thursday, 22 April 2010

Show Me What You Got - Jay-Z (2006)

This spring's edition of the Training Industry Quarterly has an article on "Marketing the Benefits of Training" which encourages training organizations to tout their successes by:
  • Effectively Branding their learning organization
  • Ensuring that training results are measured
  • Building a Communication Plan that focuses on both traditional and web/social media technologies to gain the desired exposure whether internal or external.

The article argues that doing so "results in enhanced credibility and image within the company and that external marketing efforts can lead to improved company image, shareholder impression, recruitment efforts, media exposure, public relations effort, etc."

I share this because The Oxford Princeton Programme offers a number of tools and materials which enhance branding and measurability of results. We are also glad to offer, at no additonal cost, ideas on how to build your communication plan.

Clients who do take advantage, appreciate these as value-added to their efforts in times like these when the training dollar is meant to stretch much further than before.

Care to have a conversation on this? We have case studies to share and are just an e-mail or phone call away.

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