Monday, 12 April 2010

Grow - Bourbon Tabernacle Choir (1992)

According to today's Commodities Now's e-newsletter, global ethanol production is to reach a record 85.9 bn litres this year and a growth of 16.2% vs. last year. This was confirmed by the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance and which in its recently released report forecasts continued growth. This will displace 370 million equivalent barrels of oil worldwide.

The US remains the leader in ethanol production with more than 45 billion litres projected for 2010. Brazil, the world’s No. 2 producer, just removed a tariff on ethanol imports n an effort to get others to eliminate their own duties and enable it to export more. Several developing countries such as Malawi and Nigeria are also turning to ethanol to improve their economic prospects.

We are bringing our highly-acclaimed workshop on The Emerging Ethanol Energy Markets - A Comprehensive Overview coming to The Magnolia Hotel in Houston on Thursday, May 13th 2010. Join us and get a head start on this sector's growth.

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