Thursday, 4 February 2010

Great Expectations – Jurassic 5 (2000)

Grant Thornton’s eighth annual Survey of Upstream U.S. Energy Companies finds optimism coming from industry senior executives. Sharon Hong of The Houston Chronicle writes a wonderful piece, “Many senior energy executives optimistic about 2010,” detailing this which you can find at

Do you think the expectations of the industry will be met in 2010?

There are many promising findings in this article like 67% anticipate increases in domestic expenditures. However, the highlight of the article for me is that half the companies expect to add jobs in 2010. This is surely welcome news for everyone in the energy industry but especially for those trying to enter it. Building a strong skill set on your resume is as important as ever with the competition in the job market.

To build or sharpen your skills in the energy industry I recommend visiting Here you will find a library of 30 web-based courses covering topics such as: trading, derivatives, hedging, risk management, oil, aviation fuels, natural gas, power, coal, ethanol and much more.

What are your expectations for your career in 2010 and how will you meet them?

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