Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Fools – Rufus Wainwright (1998)

I start out this month’s The Oxford Princeton Pipeline e-newsletter noting that today is the day the more gullible among us better look out for pranks, which in a way are welcome distractions from recessionary woes that are nothing to joke about. I continue to emphasize on how those who “stick to their guns” to ensure investment in training does not fall off in times like these will undoubtedly have the last laugh when the inevitable recovery returns.

I am upbeat about the energy education landscape from The Oxford Princeton Programme vantage point for several reasons, among them the fact that we’ve added more new courses into the worldwide schedule and we are constantly launching just-in-time web-based courses into our library. Also, we are turning around in-house (on site) training requests faster than ever thanks to a robust roster of expert faculty as well as a global team dedicated to the highest levels of customer service.

It helps, too, that I am seeing more sunlight these days and that temperatures are rising. If we have a spring storm here on the Eastern Seaboard, I’ll be the first to claim I am an April Fool.

Jobert E. Abueva
Global Marketing/North American Sales Director

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