Friday, 9 January 2009

Expecting to Fly – Neil Young (1968)

There has been increased interest and activity surrounding alternative aviation fuels. The most recent to make headlines is Continental Airlines which this week will have tested a fuel made from algae and a tropical shrub known as jatropha, and in a twin-engine jet no less. It's all in an effort to not rely solely on oil should costs cause headaches as they have in recently. There's the environmental PR game to be played as well.

Other airlines are in test mode as well including Air New Zealand which flew a Boeing 747 last week with an engine running on 50% biofuel mix and Japan Airlines which will repeat the test shortly. I remember the fanfare surrounding Virgin Atlantic's flight last year.

Read further as to why this trend is accelerating. It looks like every conceivable biofuel is fair game to get tomorrow's jets off the ground.

Would you fly on a jet that is run purely on biofuels?

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