Thursday, 4 December 2008

Chain Reaction - Diana Ross (1985)

With this initial posting, The Oxford Princeton Programme has officially entered the blogosphere. Applause is not necessary.

We've always understood its benefits, especially the chance to converse with colleagues in the energy, commodities, and derivatives industries on matters that matter. But it took us time to determine the value we'd offer that is not available elsewhere.

It's funny how we did not have to look very far.

The company boasts dozens of expert faculty members from around the world not to mention a ready network of thousands of former delegates (alumni) who have trained with us over 25 years (when you count when The College of Petroleum and Energy Studies in Oxford first opened its doors). Our staff connects with industry players on a daily basis and is on the pulse of what's buzzing amongst the various sectors.

Although I as a marketer will be tempted to promote our products every chance possible, I pledge to keep it in check. Or at least make it worth your while with tasty "behind the scene" tidbits. You can always go to our website for everything you need to know about what we offer. Here, we’ll focus on what's relevant and newsworthy, we’ll provide opinions, rants and raves, and yes, we’ll share insights into the dynamic world of energy education.

We do have an official blog name – The Oxford Princeton Value Chain, a cousin to our monthly e-newsletter, The Oxford Princeton Pipeline, and sister site to We do hope you visit the former often and subscribe to the latter soon. And what’s a blog if your voice is not heard?

Jobert E. Abueva
Global Marketing Director

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