Friday, 5 March 2010

Any Day Now – Elvis Presley (1969)

At the annual Subsea Tieback Forum in Galveston, TX over 50 UK companies were exhibiting their products or services. These companies, with their international experience and knowledge, hope to expand their presence in the Gulf of Mexico’s subsea market. All of this interest comes on the back of the confidence and positive outlook the industry exudes.

Were you in attendance at this forum and if so do you care to share your experience?

In order to further crack this market UK companies will need to turn to timely energy training to fully understand the market intricacies. This is especially true when considering several of these players would be considered industry service companies. They will undoubtedly make their mark in the Gulf of Mexico but will it be sooner or later? If you are in competition with these companies I recommend being proactive rather than responsive. In other words, train now to stay ahead of the field.

2010 Global Energy Training Schedule

Take the advice of the late Peter Drucker, most famous for his scholarly articles on business management, “Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.”

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