Thursday, 15 October 2009

I've Got Confidence (Elvis Presley) - 1971

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassing the 10,000 mark yesterday, the first time in over a year, and a barrel of crude oil trading at plus $75 a barrel, it's hard not to express a bit of buoyancy with such green shoots abounding.

A day does not make a recovery but hitting these milestones certainly builds back confidence and a renewed commitment to take corporate training off the backburner and into the forefront if one hasn't done so already.

Alisha Gainer, The Oxford Princeton Programme's Houston-based Account Executive, shared with her clients in a note yesterday that, "I have witnessed a huge influx of lifted budget restraints that have allowed many to get back in the swing of things training wise. What a tremendous month we have had so far! In the ever evolving energy industry it is pertinent to stay current."

I'm with her on this and I do trust you are so as well.

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